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Company Profile

Company profile

Established in 2005, Ji'中文字幕42页|午夜福到在线100集|日日更新., Ltd. produces and sells various kinds of raw materials such as spice oil. The main products are: more than 100 products such as eucalyptus, which are exported to Southeast Asia, Europe and America, etc. Praised by domestic and foreign manufacturers.

The company has modern laboratories, production plants, and a group of scientific and technological talents with strong research and development capabilities and rich experience in production and practice, and has established good technical cooperation relations with many universities and research institutes in China. Constantly launching high...

Has 5 core advantages to provide comprehensive processing services




产品种类繁多 满足市场大众化需求

完善的售后服务体系 给您尊享体验

A trusted enterprise in the modern manufacturer industry

Founded in 2005, the company has a clean and complete purification workshop;

Equipped with sophisticated instruments, foreign production equipment , and multiple automatic assembly lines;

With production license , factory report, inspection certificate, etc., the qualifications are complete, safe and secure.

Strict quality inspection system guarantees product quality

“Shenghai Natural Vegetable Oil” strictly controls the quality of the products, and the whole process will pass 3 quality inspections .
Employee self- examination : employees will carefully select each raw material and select good products with the naked eye;
Machine inspection: All raw materials must pass quality inspection, and they are not qualified for production;
Quality inspection: All finished products need to pass the factory.

R & D and development capabilities, strong product updates

A group of scientific and technological talents with strong research and development capabilities and rich experience in production and practice;

And established a good technical cooperation relationship with many Chinese universities and research institutes .

A wide variety of products to meet the needs of the market

The main products are: more than 100 products such as eucalyptus, to meet the taste needs of different customers;
Products are exported to Southeast Asia, Europe and the United States and other parts of the world. And by domestic and foreign manufacturers.

Perfect after-sales service system gives you an experience

Based on the tenet of "customer first" , the company will develop and produce quality assurance and market competitive products for customers with integrity, enthusiasm and serious attitude, and strive to establish the company into a company. We look forward to working with you.

Online customer service 7*24 hours online , answer questions at any time, such as quality problems, unconditional return

Communicate through online/telephone needs
01. Demand communication
洽谈方案 Negotiate the relevant details of the food
02. Negotiation plan
签署合同 Implement joints related to cooperation
03. Signing the contract
确定小样 Determine the sample to be produced
04. Determine the sample
生产制作 Officially started the workshop production
05. Production and production
完成发货 All package delivery
06. Complete delivery


News information

2018-06 06 2018-06

Say goodbye to skin care and drug era: natural fragrance

"Women are pleasing to others", women will invest a lot of energy and spend a lot of thoughts on their own looks and maintenance. And nowadays more and more women give up all kinds of brand skin care cosmetics and choose natural spice oil to maintain skin, beauty and beauty, but also triggered a "health and beauty revolution." Skin care cosmetics, although the beauty effect is good, but...

2018-06 06 2018-06

Natural plant essential oils and chemically synthesized molecules...

All plants carry out photosynthesis, and the cells secrete fragrant molecules. These molecules converge into sachets and walk on petals, leaves, and trunks. After extracting and extracting the sachet, it becomes what we call "plant essence...
2018-06 06 2018-06

What is the role of plant essential oils? ...

In summary, plant essential oils have the following effects: 1. Purifying the air and sterilizing: Since the essential oil has antibacterial and antiseptic components, it has antibacterial and antibacterial properties. Second, provide cell nutrition: because essential oils contain...
2018-06 06 2018-06

How to preserve essential oils? ...

The storage of plant essential oils and base oils is protected from light and heat by using opaque glass bottles. Direct light and high temperatures can affect the quality of plant essential oils and base oils. Especially lemon oil and European cedar oil, these two oils...
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Online message

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